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As Danish toymaker Lego reports a 11% rise in sales in 2013, company CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp tells the BBC's Aaron Heslehurst he is ''very excited'' about the Lego movie.
Yanukovich says he is still Ukraine’s rightful president as the country’s new PM declares tens of billions of dollars have been looted from state
It's time to start paying attention to the financial sinkhole that Iceland is trying to climb out of -- the view from inside of it is eerily similar to our own.
David Reid travels to Agbogbloshie, Ghana to meet the people who make a living from sorting toxic e-waste.
Push for sanctions against President Yanukovich and his allies marks a significant shift for the EU which has emphasised diplomacy until now
Athens is abuzz with a rumor: Greece might leave the euro zone and adopt a new currency -- a Greek euro, so to speak, something of a cross between a drachma and a euro to be used only internally. Some hungry economists have jokingly given the new money a nickname: the "Gyro."
Two of Asia's largest economies are to announce their interest rate decisions, which may be influenced by what is happening in the US.
Republican capitulation on debt ceiling and now the reversal of cuts to military pensions show a waning appetite for deficit reduction
For only the second time in recent history, a large, thriving, privately owned Chinese company has stepped up and stepped out -- buying a big brand known the world over.
Savers in Greece have been withdrawing hundreds of millions of euros from Greek banks, amid fears the country may have to withdraw from the single currency.
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