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Home prices posted double digit gains last year, but the latest housing news has been bad.
Dynamic pricing is used to sell hotel rooms and airplane seats online. Now some landlords are using it to figure out how much rent to charge for apartments.
He was "Public Enemy Number One', with a penchant for violence. Now Al Capone's Miami Beach hideaway is for sale again for $8.5 million.
Foreclosure filings in April fell for the third straight month to the lowest level since July 2007.
Charlotte Street was an apocalyptic nightmare version of urban life.
Giving troubled borrowers yet another way to avoid foreclosure, Fannie Mae said on Thursday it would allow eligible homeowners to rent their own homes.
President Obama signed an extension and expansion of the first-time homebuyers tax credit on Friday.
Many Americans love living in university towns, especially ones with big-time college football teams. One of the surprising attractions of these places is that they can be very affordable.
The number of signed sales contracts to buy homes rose in September for the eighth straight month, according to a real estate industry report released Monday.
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