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Currency undervaluation has been nicknamed a beggar-thy-neighbor policy, while currency overvaluation has been called a beggar-thyself policy.
What are Bitcoins and how those can be used? An article about the advantages of using bitcoins, but also about the security problems of the cryptocurrency world.
Find out what metals are in British currency, the UK coins that are legal tender, or have been, over the past 30 years since decimalization was introduced. As inflation makes the coins worth less in our pockets, the Royal Mint is continually down-grading, or debasing, the metals in the coins. Are the new coins built to last?
There are five ways that the Forex Industry has been tarnished and all participants have a hand in diminishing the most liquid and active market. The first step in rehabilitating the industry is to acknowledge what plagues it.
Prayer as a currency. We pray for what we want. This in itself is not unbiblical. But am I wrong in thinking that if I pray enough or more than someone else that Ill come out ahead?
When many people think of forex trading, the first question that probably comes to their minds is whether they can really get rich by investing in the forex market. Well, anyone has the potential to get rich in the forex trading business but not everyone does. You can use it to make a great second income or you can make it your sole income generator when you become a super trader.
There was a time when United States currency would be exchanged for gold or silver. The United States treasury would make the exchange. Our system of money was referred to as a bimetallic standard. In 1964, our government stopped exchanging silver...
Many traders in Forex are happy with 10 pips in a trade. That's great! But what if you could turn a 10 pip trade into a 50 pip trade, and a 50 into 100 and even more. Learn how.
If you're in Calgary for a vacation and looking to do some shopping, this guide should help you find something unique.
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